Smart Maintenance

of the

next generation

Target Industries


facility management

  • Maintenance

    Ideal for the production industry where machines want to be maintained and sometimes repaired.

  • Facility Management

    For providers of Facility Management Services, or to efficiently manage your own facility.

  • After Sales Service

    Stay in touch and up to date no matter how many technicians you have scattered all over your premise, the city or country.

  • Helpdesk

    Keep an inventory of your physical assets and support those who use them within the deadlines agreed to.

  • Inspection

    The perfect tool for regular inspections and reporting, always online, always up to date and of course, paper less.

  • Quality Control

    Ideal for QC staff to register Quality Control results and generate the necessary reports.



    Benefits you gain by using MQuick as your Maintenance Management System

  • Paperless Operation

    Save Cost by doing something for the environment. Move your entire Maintenance Operation to a Paperless Operation.

  • Visibility & Insights

    Keep visibility of all works being done at all time and gain useful insights through reports and dashboards.

  • Coordination

    Achieve coordination across departments with one single system used by all stakeholders.

  • Efficiency

    Increase your maintenance efficiency through the synergy provided by MQuick.

  • Cost Saving

    Ultimately, all of the above will result in a reduction of cost.


    Additonal benefits you gain by using IoT Sensors to monitor your Assets and Equipment

  • Check less

    Reduce the number of redundant checks of equipment that is working well.

  • Act fast and smart

    Act fast and smart by identifying anomalies before a machine breakdown.

  • Reduce re-work

    Prevent quality issues through early identification of potential system failures.

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